ACER ONE and roborealm
osvaldo from Mexico  [1 posts]
10 years
I bought an Acer One (1.6Ghz 160GHDD, 8RAM video, 1GRAM) in order to work with roborealm and lego NXT, only for that.....but when I try to work with roborealm the laptop freeze, the imege of my camara freezze, but roborealm software still function.... My lap is new, idon`t have problems of partition, defrag, virus or anithing...do you think the cpu is too low? What if I upgrade to 2G RAM?...Can I stop some windows programs in order to improve roborealm????
Thanks a Lot
P.D: I use roborealm with Lego NXT, my lego software dont`have problems. I only run roborealm or Lego, not the 2 at the same time....
Anonymous 10 years
What does you CPU task manager say in terms of CPU utilization?

When running RoboRealm what FPS are you getting (seen in the lower status bar of the main RR interface).

Sounds like a more serious lockup is happening. When you say that the image of your camera freezes is that in RoboRealm or in another program? If the image freezes in RoboRealm what makes you think it is still working?

Perhaps try running RoboRealm just with the video (i.e. no modules) for a bit to see if that is ok. Then slowly add in the modules you need and see if there is one in particular that causes the issues.


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