filter variables crash
Michael Kirschner  [8 posts]
10 years

I tried using the filter variables module.  After setting it up and changing the amount of past values to test to around 100 or 300, RR will crash.  This happens over and over and takes more time if I set the number lower.

I will upload my .robo file soon.

pranavtrehun007 from United Kingdom  [33 posts] 10 years
same problem here, i have noticed that if i use filter variable after the center of gravity, then RR will crash. However, if i use it before using the "center of gravity" then RR will NOT crash. However, using it in the latter case has no effect on the values.

OS: Vista 32 Bit
RR Version:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2, 3600+
Anonymous 10 years

we've not been readily able to replicate this error. Can either of you provide a robofile?


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