Velleman K8056 with roborealm
M.I from Malaysia  [1 posts]
10 years
I am new to this software - roborealm - I was wandering if anyone know how to interface Velleman K8056 8 relay board which connected by RS232 to roborealm ?

I include the testing program that come with the board.

Anonymous 10 years

It doesn't appear that they provide the serial protocol in the documents that you've attached. That would be the first step. The next would be to try experimenting with the RoboRealm Serial module and see if you can send the board the appropriate protocol to get it to do what you want. From there you would place a variable in the Send area of the serial module using something like [move] and then use the VBScript module to change the value of the variable "move" to the appropriate protocol. A similar task is being done in another thread:



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