Blob filter weights
Bart from United States  [1 posts]
10 years
I just want to say you guys are doing a great job with Roborealm. I have experience with several different industrial machine vision systems at work and I am amazed at what can be done with your software and a cheap webcam.

Is there a way to get the weights of blobs in a blob filter to show up on the actual blob?
I am successfully getting the object seperated from the background and the blob filter is working just fine, but the weight of the blob is displayed in the lower left part of the screen.

I attached the program that I wrote, along with some still pictures.


Animal Finder.zip
More pictures.zip
Anonymous 10 years

Thanks for the images and the robofile. That was a big help!

We saw the issue (was related to multiple blob filter modules confusing each other) and have fixed this issue in Let us know if you see any other issues.


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