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I've read through the tutorials, documentation, and some of the forum.  My interest is machine vision for RC aircraft stabilization.  This link is to an application that finds the horizon:

I'm thinking RR could do this too, but I'm not sure how.  Nechyba describes an algorithm that involves some kind of search, averaging, time series which I wouldnt know how to implement.  I imagine RR could do it with one of the modules.  What he did was create a 3 dimensional color space and then divided that space between Green(ground) and Blue(sky).  The dividing line and orientation is the horizon.  

Any chance RR could do this, at least in concept?
Harry from United States  [3 posts] 15 year
Well, I downloaded the software.  Then I went to the URL above and grabbed a video and played with it.  Nechyba, the author of the work on that URL already had a video with a horizon added using his approach.  I was amazed when I used the opitical flow module on the video.  Here is a shot of it.

I guess the question now is how to get the angle and length of the vector the optical flow module shows?

Anonymous 15 year

There are two variables


which contain that vector. You can do what you want with those variables after the optical flow module (i.e. see Write_Variables module to write them to disk, see API for accessing them in other apps, etc.)

Also you may want to check out


(that's new!)

Harry from United States  [3 posts] 15 year
That Skyline module is amazing!!  Thanks!!

I found the vectors like you suggested.  I'm thinkng the optical flow with the Skyline could provide as much data as an IMU.  

DiyDrones.com has an arduino based autopilot with Xbee capability that might be a possibility.

mohammad from Iran  [1 posts] 14 year
what your name?/mohammad

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