Can you track these balls?
15 year
I'm new to Roborealm, and I'm learning all the modules and how to apply each module in each situation.

If you can track the tennis balls in the image below, post a screenshot, and tell me what modules they used and how/why you used them, that would be amazingly great.


Anonymous 15 year
This is my attempt:
John from Australia  [13 posts] 15 year
This is my quick effort,

Colors -> Grayscale
Filters -> Kuwahara
Adaptive_Threshold 24,2
Adjust -> Negative
Blob Filter -> blobs > 1264
Adjust -> Negative

John from Australia  [13 posts] 15 year
Colors - Grayscale (R+G+B/3
Threshold - Adaptive Threshold 18,5
Adjust - Negative
Blobs - Blob Filter - bigger than 600
Blobs - Negative
Blobs - Detect Circles min rad =202
  max radius = 400
  isolation  = 3
  circle  green
  overlay on current

Anonymous 15 year
Can you give us a little more information about what you want to track? Are only the topmost balls ok to track? Or are you hoping to identify all the balls in the image? I.e. even ones behind others?


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