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10 years
I have a filter I made a couple years ago to track a Tshirt. It should only track the color green when it is bordered by Red and Blue, so a BGR stripe. It used to work but I just tried it with 2.097 and it does not work anymore. I don't remember how to set up the blob filter to do this. I do an RGB filter that works, but my Blob filter finds all the R and B and G blobs, not just the ones that touch.

Can you explain how to set this up?
Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
In the Blob filter I have have a Closest RGB and 2 Nearest.
The Closest RGB is set as green.
Nearest (1) is set to Object 1
Nearest 2 is set to Object 2
Object1 is set to Closest RGB and the color BLue
Object 2 is set to Closest RGB and the color Red



Anonymous 10 years

Your technique appears correct. The included robofile was a little off most likely due to the blob filter upgrades over the last year. The colors did not seem to be correctly specified on the green and blue rgb values and the threshold value for each filter was also not set (which was changed in the last year). I've corrected these and included the robofile that should work.

Note that I disabled the population_threshold as I'm not sure what that was meant for??


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