Adding Waypoints From Blob
Richard from South Africa  [1 posts]
14 year
I Have basicly Copied the Path finding tutorial, making a few small changes like cropping the image and filtering different colors, and ca get to a point were i am left with X amount of blobs that i want 2 use as way points. My problem is that i can not get the path finding module to use the blobs as way points.

I have included a screen shot of the program with both the blob filter module and the path finder module open, if there is any thing some ca c  that i am doing obvioulsy incorrect please help.

Anonymous 14 year

Have you tried specifying a destination location in the path planning interface? Without a destination the path planning will not use the waypoints nor plan a route.

Thanks for the screenshots. It might be easier to just include the robofile (save as .robo) and include it here. Then we can easily replicate the issue that you are having.


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