Problems with the bluetooth connection
magic wang from China  [2 posts]
9 years
hi, i wanna use RR to send message to NXT via bluetooth.
i tried the Lego_NXT_GBlock_simple example, but the pop-message box said. "Could not initialize on the port COM XX".
I use RR on a PC, Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz, 2G RAM.

P.S. I used RR on another PC, every time I started bluetooth connection with NXT, RR crushed...
Anonymous 9 years
You should ensure that the COM port is not already being used by another application when using the NXT module through bluetooth. Before running RR ensure that ALL lego apps that might be using that port are already closed.

Gregoire Le Gros from United Kingdom  [3 posts] 8 years
I wonder if the NXT bluetooth is very sensitive to its supply voltage level. If you use rechargeable batteries then the motors will run ok but the bluetooth might not work well. I tried hooking up my NXT to a psu and then bluetooth was not such a problem.

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