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Jafni from Malaysia  [29 posts]
9 years
Hello.. I want to know how to connect Roborealm with API>C++? I want to create the system when it detect specified pattern it will stop for a second then it will move untill it detect another pattern it will stop again. How I want to create the system like this? I already open the API but I dont know how to use it? Please help me...
Anonymous 9 years
First start by posting images on the patterns that you want to detect. You can worry about the C++ interface later as that's actually the easier part.

What kinds of patterns are you checking for? What qualities can be used to extract them? Are you using a webcam? Are you transmitting the images from an NTSC camera? Is the CPU onboard the robot?

Try to get the pattern detection up and running in RoboRealm and once that is accomplished and working you can access the answer of that procedure using c++ quite easily.


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