RR on a MSI N270 Netbook?
9 years
I'm thinking about buying an MSI N270 Netbook laptop for my robot, NINA. I'll be running at least 2 cameras and interfacing to Sabertooth, Lynxmotion SSC-32, among other units.

But as I have no experience with this netbook, would anyone suggest it for RR in the first place? I know its features, but is a 1.6 GHz processor good enough for two cameras plus other modulations for my robot? Even if I get the overclock feature and get it running to 1.9 Ghz processing power, would it be efficient? What kind of lasting power would I be able to get from it if its handling those many peripherals?

My cameras are two Cyber Snipa webcams (minus the zoom lens).
Win Heagy from United States  [31 posts] 9 years
I bought an Asus Eee 900HA specifically to use for robotics work.  It's the small form factor Eee with specs similar to the Wind.  I upgraded to 2G of memory.  It runs everything I've thrown at it so far, including RR.  I've even done some stereo experiments using the Sentience software and it did fine with that too.  Also various microcontroller IDEs, dual webcams, and multiple compilers.  Itís small and light enough that it can be mounted directly on a mobile platform, which is one of the primary reasons I wanted a Netbook.  Granted, it's not going to be as fast as a fuller size/powered notebook, but it's cheap and get's the job done for me.

Anonymous 9 years
The Netbooks work quite nicely with RR and the internal cameras that come with some of the Netbooks also work with RR. Naturally power is an issue with most of the Netbooks not lasting more than 1 hour. But with something like


might help with that issue.

The CPU power is something of a concern. It seems to be ok for smaller tasks but if you're going to do anything with some heavier tasks you might want to go with a regular laptop. But this will really depend on the task. Keep in mind that you can always make the image smaller which will reduce the CPU requirements.


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