Reccommended Cameras?
No0bert from United States  [11 posts]
14 year
I need a relatively fast camera, it can be RCA input or USB, but it needs to have high fps, under $50, and medium resolution. I am using a 2.1 GHz rca input camera atm, but it doesnt have a very big viewfinder... so I need a replacement.
Sebastian Johnson from Sweden  [9 posts] 14 year
If You mean RCA output then it is an anlog camera and the FPS will not go above 30 in NTCS and 25 in PAL. If You need to go above that You will need a speed camera with suitable grabber card. The cheapest handles 60FPS but they are not really that cheap.
Anonymous 14 year
The Philips SPC900 Webcam is a good fast cheap webcam.  The price point is around $60.  It has surprisingly good low light response and can give frame rates up to 90fps.   It has since be replaced by the SN1300 which apparently doesn't have the same lowlight performance.  Another favorite camera is the logitech fusion.  

good luck!

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