Forum image upload seems to fail
Franklin  [23 posts]
15 year

Hello STeven,

I can't seem to get any of my jpeg files to upload.  Is it me or is the forum having a wee bit of trouble?

Note:  I've tried making the images smaller

Thank you

Anonymous 15 year

It seems fine. Note the image I uploaded to your test thread.

What type of image are you uploading? Note that I'd just try JPG or GIF

Franklin  [23 posts] 15 year

They are all jpeg images.  I'm converting from raw (CW2) images.  I guessing they are two big or there is something strange in the jpeg header.  I'll try another converter.

BTW - What is the upload file size limit?
Anonymous 15 year

Not sure about the max file size. Seems to be around a meg so I'd keep the max file size to about 500K just to be sure.

Could also have been a weird jpg format that was not understood by php.


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