camera view showing in my own visual basic.net app
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12 years

I am writing my own GUI to use with the robot I am building (robotics connection traxster with serializer, powered by Asus EEE netbook etc etc)

In my app I want to show the webcam view - can I do this somehow by linking to roborealm?

any ideas would be greatly appreciated - as spent days trying to find how to simply get webcam view appearing in a window with no success, as long term I want to use facilites of roborealm thought it might be possible to use the view it is picking up from the camera

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Hi Darren

Check out this earlier post--especially the message near the bottom about using a web browser control in your vb.net program to display the image from RoboRealm.  In RoboRealm itself, you'll need to turn on the Webserver setting.


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Thanks Patrick - good idea, hadn't thought of that way of doing it

Just hope I can get just the image rather than showing all the movement buttons below it like it does normally when you view the web server page
Anonymous 12 years

There are lots of ways to do this ... see our page on integrating with RoboRealm at


I think what you want is to use the API to grab an image. Works in many languages.

If the webpage trick works then you can always edit the page (it is the index.html page in the RoboRealm folder that is just a basic HTML page) to remove the extra buttons as needed. That page is meant to be customized by you! Just make sure you save a copy in case you re-install RoboRealm and accidentally overwrite that page.

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Thanks for the reply STeven

I will give editing the html file a go

I need a streaming (live) image rather than just grabbing a screenshot

Can this be done with the API, if so any sample code of this?
Anonymous 12 years
Yes, please read



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