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No0bert from United States  [11 posts]
14 year
Alright I am sorry for bombarding the forums but I have another question, this time regarding the Green Ball Tracker tutorial.

Up until step 5, the tutorial seems to be going smoothly, but then it introduces a pan and tilting of the camera, in my setup I don't have this, the camera is completely static. So will the VB script they provided in the tutorial work if I dont have any movement of the camera? Could the camera rotations be ignored? If I dont apply this VB script, will the tracking/movement still occur?
No0bert from United States  [11 posts] 14 year
Also, is there a way to "export" the ball tracker to be used without roborealm. I am trying to use an onboard computer motherboard, so that I dont have to deal with a remote laptop, however, I need it to run a .bat script that executes the program without question. With RoboRealm, you need to go press the "run" button I believe, is there a way for it to automatically load it
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 14 year
Roborealm can start up running.  I believe the working.robo file is automatically loaded.  Experiment with this a bit.

The API provides lots of handy ways to work with roborealm.  Make sure this has the API server activated. Then from a bit of vb or c or python script you can load new files into roborealm, pass variables in etc.

have fun!
No0bert from United States  [11 posts] 14 year
alright, but then what about my first question?
Anonymous 14 year

Yes, the movement tracking will still work but obviously nothing with move. Note that the creation of the variables to move (left and right servo, etc.) will still be created but because there would not be any control module to use those signals they will just be ignored ... thus you can delete module whilst still having other modules run fine.

Sometimes it is just easiest to try it out. If something fails let us know.

Anonymous 14 year
and you are unfortunately not able to "export" RoboRealm to another application. To get it to work on your robot you simply install RoboRealm, configure everything as needed using the GUI and then exit with everything running. (This assumes a PC on your robot ... or an inexpensive Netbook running XP.) When you then type RoboRealm.exe again all settings will be restored and the application will continue to run. Thus you don't need to press the run button assuming the last time you exited it was still pressed.

If you need better control over such things then the API does offer a new level of possible customization but with the additional complexity and time commitment in order to understand the API usage.


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