Implementation of Sabertooth -> Color Following
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Hello there, this is quite a magnificent program but I have a couple questions:

I read the tutorials, and at the end they all give a .VB script, do I compile this, and it will do the same thing as the .robo file would have done?

And are all .robo files interchangeable with any and all motor drivers (assuming TTL connection is made). For instance, could I take someone elses .robo file that uses COM port 5 and a direct serial connection to a motor driver, and use this with my setup where I have a Sabertooth 2x25 Motor controller, and on COM port 2, and only change these two settings, and it would work perfectly?

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Thank you for reading the tutorials!  Re: .VB script.  Under Extensions there is a VBscript module. The VB script is just pasted into the module and it is interpreted once you press reload and run within Roborealm.  The VB script is PART of a .robo file.

Re: serial vs Sabertooth 2x25.  To paraphrase some of STevens work, any computer vision bascially consists of 5 parts:
1. Image Acquisition
2. Format Conversion
3. Image Processing
4. Statistical Analysis
5. Machine Control.

Any .robo file you download will need to be tweaked slightly for your setup.  IE you need to choose your image acquisition device (camera)
Parts 2, 3 and 4 should be fine.  In the machine control part you will need to remove the serial driver and replace it with the Sabertooth driver.  You will also need to look at the VBscript and see what variables are being exported by the SetVariable command (often left_motor and right_motor) These  then need to be hooked up to the Sabertooth driver to the two ports corresponding to your left and right motor.  

This is really easy to do then it is to describe!  Good luck!

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