Roborealm to drive four arms with 6 DOF
13 years
Is it possible to drive two or four linxmotion l6 robot arms set each with webcam on the gripper using roborealm ? If so, what do i need to buy and how much would it cost to me ? / i have only vista on laptop with four webcam / My goal would be to recognize small red objects in the environment does not contain any red, and pick the objects .
Thanks for your help
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 13 years
Possible yes.  Difficult YES.  Still sounds like fun.

Roborealm could handle the image recognition bit of this very nicely.  However, I think you will have to use the API implementation and just use Roborealm as one small part of your project.  (Basically passing the centroid of the colored objects back to your glue application) You could talk to four arms from Roborealm (By intiallizing multiple instances of the SSC-32 control on different ports)  but I would control the arms with application that is doing the kinematics.

Since you want to control the arms, you can either do this with Inverse Kinematics or using an "iterative" process in the control loop.  Either way, you are going to have to write you own code for this.  I might suggest looking at the open dynamics engine for this bit.  

It also seems to me that you might consider a fixed overhead camera (or possibly two) rather then instrumenting each arm with a camera.  This makes the localization easier.    

Still start with the lynxmotion arm and their SSC32 board.(or any other servo board like the pololu or roll your own)  Interfacing it to roborealm is very straight forward, but you will only be able to send joint angles, and it is up to you to calculate the joint angles.

Here are some rough notes I jotted down when I was working on arms:
Building an arm (hardware only with no motor controller)

Something about kinematics:

Here is a bit about using the Open Dynamics engine to do the IK:

If you want to build your own  servo control hardware(I would just buy it)

have fun!

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