giggi from Italy  [3 posts]
10 years
hi, before, sorry for my english, i have a problem, i dont understanding how to read a x and y from roborealm with arduino on usb. Actually i have a cam on usb2 and Ardunio on usb3. i send the roborealm date to arduino with a 'c' script .
best regards and thanks.
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 10 years
Here is an example of interfacing the arduino with roborealm.

Note, the code is written for version .11 of the arduino environment and uses the software servo library.  

Take a look at the code and the .robo file to see how I pass variables to the arduino from roborealm.

good luck!
giggi from Italy  [3 posts] 10 years
hello and thanks for the reply, but the code of the file .robo is these?

  <KEY_0>[cursor right]</KEY_0>
  <KEY_1>[cursor left]</KEY_1>

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