roborealm Make Controller Module
Brian Banta from United States  [7 posts]
9 years
I have a make controller that i would like to use with roborealm. As of right now there is no module for the make controller, me and allot of other people with the Make controller would love to possibly have a module that would communicate with it. Here is a link to the website for the make controller if u want to look at it. Thanks.
Anonymous 9 years

We are also very interested in such an integration and are in communication with MakingThings to see if we can "make" that happen. Please check back with us in a couple weeks or so.

Brian Banta  [1 posts] 9 years
Great, I'll make sure I do that, with a module that connects to it it would help allot of people with it starting "making" things happen.
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 9 years
It seems like you could talk to the make board via the ethernet connector.  Either use the API to pass variables back and forth, or use the Socket_Program to log into the board and pass variables back and forth.  

Alternately, there is a serial port on the Make controller (3.3V)  you would need either an inverter and divider circuit or a FTDI TTL 3.3V cable, but then you could use the Roborealm serial port extension which is how lots of projects are controlled.

Finally, you could try the USB_HID control and see what messages the make board is passing.  I believe Make is using an Atmel chipset and standard driver chipset so this might work.  

I don't have one of the boards, and they are "out of stock" everywhere, is the product dead?

good luck!
Brian Banta from United States  [7 posts] 9 years
I'm puzzled by that too, even at the home site www.makingthings.com it is out of stock, I've been meaning to shoot them a question about that, I'll do that and get back to you on that. I know that they revisions to the boards and they might have stopped production of the old ones but I don't see why the new ones wouldn't be sold.

The make controller can be controlled with OSC very easily, creating a module in roborealm that use's OSC to communicate with the controller would be the easiest and best way to communicate with it being that OSC is easy to understand and interface with, though I know very little about programming right now so I may be wrong.

I'll try and see if either of those are able to connect to it or read any data
Brian Banta from United States  [7 posts] 9 years
So far I've got nothing, I tried both of those but I couldn't get anything. I could be doing something wrong, I'll keep trying and experimenting and post back if I get anything new.

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