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Nick from United Kingdom  [1 posts]
10 years

I've used your software before to do a live bayer filter feed and it worked well.  I am now looking to open a colour raw .Fits image and apply a bayer filter to it to get a colour picture? I understand this isn't really what roborealm is for but you seemed to know what you were doing with the Bayer filter itself and wonder if you have any advice/support that would help my problem.  I imagine the Bayer filter on Roborealm would work if it accepted the .Fits file, but at the moment it doesn't recognise the file type.



Anonymous 10 years

Can you save the .fits image into another format that RoboRealm might recognize? I.e. either PNG, GIF, or TIFF as those are lossless image formats and will not change the pixel value. Then loading that image into RoboRealm and applying the Bayer filter would still work. Note that if you use a lossy image format like JPG then the bayer filter will NOT work as well since the pixel values will have blurred slightly into each other.

Would that suffice?

Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 10 years
I used to use  AVis Fits View to convert Fits to Tif.

I haven't dealt much with this since getting away from IRAF and into CCDsoft. BTW CCDsoft will also export directly to Tif.

have fun,

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