greenscreen module feature addition request
evan from Australia  [4 posts]
11 years
Hi! Thanks for this awesome program! A request tho. Could you add a slider bar to the greenscreen module that adjusts the opacity of the mask that it makes to do the keying? it would be good to have it affect the least white areas first and work its way up as you move the slider. Sort of like adjusting the shadows, midtones and highlights to get a more custom mask.

This could be used to remove the washed out look of the image that isn't lit properly like the example in the documentation.

If there is actually a way to do this already please let me know, thanks.
Anonymous 11 years

Done! We actually thought the same thing and made an update two days ago to include a low and high slider. You should find that they really help to tune the image to the right greenscreen color. Would recommend using the "Sample" color and then adjust the sliders as needed.

You'll probably need to download the most recent copy of RR for this feature.


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