How select high speed camera in RR
15 year
   I want to know RR can support what type of high speed camera. If camera link is compatible with RR.  Anybody have used some? and where to purchase?

John Cabrer from United States  [13 posts] 15 year
Camera Link is not supported in RoboRealm.  The reason for this is most likely that these type of cameras are very expensive, require expensive frame grabbers, and are used with very expensive machine vision toolkits like IMAQ Vision from National Instruments (which I use) and others.  RoboRealm targets the largest possible audience, by keeping the requirements simple and affordable.

That being said, it may be possible to use a Camera Link camera with RR if that camera has Windows DirectX or VFW drivers.  In a pinch, you can also use the virtual camera driver (Vcam) to capture the display video of the cameras native capture application.  This is the route I would take.  Hope this helps.
Anonymous 15 year
Yes, John is correct in his assesment. We typically target less expensive options. Having said that, your frame grabber that interfaces with the camera that uses Camera Link should have a DirectX or VFW interface that RoboRealm should be able to use. As a software application RoboRealm cannot interface directly with Camera Link ... a piece of hardware like a framegrabber needs to be in the middle.

Probably the best place to look for these is at


but don't be looking for something really inexpensive here!


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