Reading avi and displaying as source
Michael Kirschner  [8 posts]
11 years
Hey guys, I'm trying to use a recorded video of cars passing by to test my filtering chain, but I can't really tell if it's working or not because the center of gravity module displays a black background even when set to display source ( I'm guessing because theres no camera feed?)

Is there any way to set it like that, so when I run the COG it displays on top of the original video like it's a camera feed?
Anonymous 11 years

Yes, that's a common situation as the "Source" in the dropdown does refer only to a camera source. To remedy this use a "Marker" module to call the image JUST after the avi reader something that you will recognize like "my_image". Then go the to COG module, reedit it (i.e. close it and reopen if already open) and the my_image should then appear at the bottom of the image source list. Note that if you then disable the read_avi and switch on the camera that sequence will still work ... so it has a nice fall back to the other technique too.

Michael Kirschner  [8 posts] 11 years
thanks alot!

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