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When I set up a distributor server/client configuration with another PC over the net, sometimes the data iz not being transfered over to the client even though they are still connected.

If it's only the server side only has the distributor server module, data transfer is somewhat constant, with occassional black frames at the client end. But when the server side has more image processing modules, CPU running at ~100%. There is no data transfer between PCs (the router LED does not flicker).

Is there a way around this? All I need is to tranfer one frame every 1-2 seconds. Attached is the RR program.

Anonymous 15 year

Can you download the latest version just uploaded as it contains a couple of fixes for those two modules. Be sure to update both machines with the new version. It should hopefully function much quicker and easily give you the 1-2 frames per second. If you still notice slow frame rate try changing the encoding to grayscale or 555 as those have fewer bytes being transmitted.


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