Calculating Velocity
Michael Kirschner  [8 posts]
10 years
Hello, I am attempting to track moving people on a street.  The problem occurs when cars pass by and the COG calculation is pulled toward them entirely.

Here is a video: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~mjk39/motion.mov

I have a few thoughts on how to solve this, though I could be totally wrong, wondering if you have any ideas?

calculate the velocity of the pixels on screen(optical flow maybe?) and filter out pixels moving above a certain threshold...

or seperate the cars and people into blobs and remove blobs above a certain size?
Anonymous 10 years

Sounds like either technique might work. I'd start with the blob technique as that will provide better results that the optical flow. Optical flow has an issue where when the texture is low (like in the middle of a car) the detection will fail. This will not happen with the blob technique.

The issue is if you can effectively filter against cars. I imagine that the blob width would probably be a good attribute to filter on.

If you have issues can you post the original video with the robofile that you currently have and we will also experiment a little ...

Anonymous 10 years
I will defintely post my robofile as soon as I have access to my computer, I need to retake a similar video in the same place, as the one I posted is the only recording.

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