Bug in Display_Line
Emil Valkov  [16 posts]
10 years
In version or (not sure because I downloaded but it displays

In Display_Line,
I used a X,Y list variable, which I set to "123,123,234,234" (via the API).
The line will be briefly displayed, but then variable is truncated to "123", and the line dissapears.

Please tell me if I misunderstood something.
Anonymous 10 years

There must be something else that is truncating that variable. The display_line module will not modify the variable and thus should not be the module that is chopping up the variable. Are you running any other modules or a VBScript that is changing the value of that variable?

Could you include part of your robofile so that we may try to replicate the behavior?

Malcolm Deadman from United Kingdom  [2 posts] 10 years

I've found something similar - it seems as if the variable used for the display of lines and other "display" types gets partially cleared when used. I've attached a short robo file which draws a triangle after 3 mouse clicks on the video dispay. I can only get it to work by storing the final string of 3 x,y pairs and continually refereshing the display variable. Otherwise the display variable is truncated at thebefore the first comma.


Anonymous 10 years

Thanks Mal, that's exactly what we were looking for. You guys are correct .. the display routines were parsing the list by setting each comma to a 0 which terminates the string and causes all but the first value to be lost.

This has been fixed and uploaded to the site. Please download for the fix.

Mal we included your 'new' robofile below which now appears to work without the resetting variable trick.


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