Using RR filters from within VB ?
EGK from Norway  [1 posts]
10 years
Is it correct that there is no RR dll that can be called from VB?
What I want to do is:
-Capture video of rectangle like objects, one frame or a few frames for noise/averaging
-Do lens/fisheye correction so object 'looks right'
-Measure the object's angular and X/Y offsets, so they can be pushed 'square into center'

Looks like RR can do most or all of this... But I want a library of functions that I can call from my VB app... I do NOT want the whole RR app riding piggyback on my app.

What options do I have?

Anonymous 10 years

At this point you don't have much choice in terms of having RR run piggybacking on your app. The included dlls in the API can startup RR (at least the C++ one can) which does help a little but there is no RR.dll that you can incorporate directly into your own application. You have to be running RR alongside your application as RR functions more like an image processing server as apposed to a program component.

Perhaps one of the other software packages like OpenCV or FILTERS might be a better choice? We have a large list at


that will give you a lot to check out. I'm not sure which ones allow a VB app to call them .. but would imagine that most have sort sort or com or .net type app.

Good luck!

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