Problem with bluetooth connection to NXT
14 years
Hi. I have a problem with a bluetooth (again). It worked well before, but now it does not work again. When it connects, Roborealm is "Not responding".Maybe it is something wrong with latest version of RoboRealm. I use USB bluetooth MSI Star Key and software Bluesoleil . Is there some problem with my hardware, software or Roborealm ? Please, check it and if it is in Roborealm, please repair it. Thank you.
Anonymous 14 years

We verified our system against the latest version of RoboRealm and everything seems to be working fine. Perhaps some sort of installation on your machine has caused issues? Is the Lego application able to connect to the NXT using Bluetooth? Can you verify RR using a USB cable just to be sure it is not something else than the communications medium?


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