Richard from China  [10 posts] 10 years
Hi,I'm interested in "listen module",but  what I said is always recognized wrong. Does I need do some training? I use Microsoft Speech SDK, version 5.1
I wonder which sample can be used with RoboRealm.thanks a lot
Anonymous 10 years

Yes, you will need to train the MS speech recognition system. Have a look at some of the samples that came with the SDK download to see how to train it. You basically read as much as you can stand and it will learn from that. It really REALLY improves the recognition which you will see even during the learning process (it will start out very slow and incorrect and improve as you progress). Once trained it works quite nicely in a reasonable noise level room.

We also have ended up speaking the word several times and then using whatever it comes up with as a failsafe. I.e.

if word = "square" or word = "swear" or ....
  ' look for a square
end if

Anonymous 10 years
    I'm now just looking SDK help document, I'm wondering which sample is right for RoboRealm. Any hint would be appreciated since the document is too much.
Anonymous 10 years
You should notice an icon like

next to your computer date/time. Click on that icon, select Options and then either create or use an existing profile. The GUI should look like

Click on the train profile and begin reading away (you get a couple selections of text to read).


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