RR Web Interface Broken?
John Cabrer from United States  [13 posts]
16 year
I just installed RR and the web interface is no longer responsive.  Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.  I'm using a Logitec Orbit.
Anonymous 16 year
Hi John,

I can answer for a Logitech 9000 webcam and with that model, the webserver is working OK in on my machine (Windows XP).  You probably already did this, but double-check the Webserver tab under Options and check that any firewall software that you might be using is not blocking RR acting as a server--I know that Zone Alarm for example will often require re-authorization for a program that has changed.

Anonymous 16 year

We just verified that the webserver seems ok. Patrick is correct in just checking your settings esp if you changed the port number. Also note that each version of RR has an index.html page in it that might have overwritten one that you already had ... perhaps there was a modification that you made in that index.html that is needed to operate correctly (i.e. port number config for the Java applet)?


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