How to reduce flicker with Flood Fill?
11 years
Hi again,

I've noticed that the Flood Fill module seems to flicker quite a bit.  By that I mean that the borders between colored blobs jump around.  It doesn't seem to matter how I set the three module parameters and it occurs under different viewing situations.  I've tried it with and without the Color Balance module before it.  And I've also tried it with a Mean filter before it set at different resolutions.  Can anyone suggest a way to reduce this flicker?

Anonymous 11 years
I should have pointed out that the source video image doesn't not seem to flicker at all, at least to my eye.  I am using a Logitech 9000 webcam and the latest version of RR.

Anonymous 11 years

Have a look at the new Segment Colors module (just uploaded in which was designed to reduce this flickering issue. It includes a blur capability that should combine small pixels into larger blobs. Its is also faster than the current flood fill. Try it out and see if it helps ... note that the blobs will still flicker somewhat but should at least be more stable than the current flood fill for successive video frames.

from United States  [214 posts] 11 years
Hi STeven,

Many thanks for the new Segment_Colors module--it's a great improvement over Flood_Fill!!  You guys are amazing and RoboRealm is a fantastic tool.


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