Richard from China  [10 posts] 10 years
I found several problem, the edition of RR is
1) It works well in my Winxp, but will crash in win2000, doesn’t it support win2000.
2) It’s about my .robo file. I use socket extension to communicate with my program and RR, but as you see, my robo file, when I use “set statement” it can send “fps” “COGX,COGY” and “grabstate” to my program,  but when I use vbscript to define variable, the variable can’t send to my program. Does it mean variable defined by vbscript can’t send through socket. I hope you can help me find a solution.
3) in fact, I’m going to use blob filter before as it is so useful, however when I use “create array variable”, it will cause my program and RR crashed. The attached image is obtained when I add the blob filter module.
Could you help me check the .robo and see if there is something wrong. I use the first a.robo well with my program.

Richard from China  [10 posts] 10 years
Hi, I change the name and now can send variable defined by the vbscript, but still can't use blob filter.
Anonymous 10 years
   Anybody notice my problem, socket extension can't use blob filter to create array! I wonder if there is someone encounter the same problem

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