Activating the WebServer RoboRealm?
Richard from China  [10 posts]
10 years
   From the Webserver document,I get to know Roborealm can send live image over a TCP/IP network.I test "http://localhost:8080". It works on my machine, however, how could I  test remotely,the document said :replace localhost with machine name. the localhost meas IP address,aha? but I have not a fixed  IP address,It is a Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL),Is that means I couldn't use this kind of moudule or have other choices.
Anonymous 10 years
It really depends on your ISP if the port 8080 is open. It's a fairly commmon one so you should be in luck but go to http://whatismyip.com/b> and that will give you your ADSL's external IP address. Note however depeding on your ISP the lease of that IP address is temporary so it may be a couple of days or less than one day but it will change.

There are two options with the IP address though one is your ISP probably offers a static IP address at a higher price which you can purchase or if you do a google search for "dynamic DNS service" which basically means you can set a dynamic IP address to a personal web domain eg www.mywebcamera.com and the service will switch the ip address for you, so in RR all you have to do is replace localhost with the web domain you set up.

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