Richard from China  [10 posts] 11 years
    My camera Euresys PICOLO Tymo can get right image from AMCAP, which is in directxsdk. but get a distort image in RoboReal. I woner how could i handle it.

Anonymous 11 years

Do you know what format you are using from the camera? Is it Y800, RGB24, etc.? You can see the format by going into Options button->Video Tab->Video Format button (which will popup a dialog) and see what comes under the format dropdown. Perhaps the format is a little different than expected which causes the image to be skewed.

What are the dimensions of your image when correctly displayed?

Richard from China  [10 posts] 11 years
   The image is right now,I still don't know where goes wrong,Euresys PICOLO Tymo is a camera cpature card. I connect the card
with a different camera, then connect the camera which is skewed again, the image is corrected.Besides,Options button->Video Tab->Video Format button
is disabled.
       thank you for your response.
Anonymous 11 years
In this case the camera is not important but we need the format of the video stream that you are using. Can you try

Options button->Video Tab->Video Source button


Anonymous 11 years
     the Options button->Video Tab->Video Source button is also disabled.but anyway the image is right now.but I can't change the stream format and fps.
I use "watch variabe" to get fps about 25,it's right with my capture card.it's stand
pal, frequency is 40ms.

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