Info Displayed On Screen When Clicked?
NairB from United Kingdom  [41 posts]
11 years
Dear RoboRealm & STeven

As you might be aware, I am using RoboRealm to Pan & Tilt my webcam. I was wondering if it is possible to display a little bubble of text when you click on any part of the image window?

In other words, as a viewer is looking at the view of my street from my window and they "clicked" say a building in the distance, a small bubble containing text with information about that building can be displayed on screen, then cancelled as the viewer pans to the next building or street object were again a bubble of text is displayed when the new building is clicked, so on and so on.

Is this possible?

Please look at my cam view and all the different buildings etc that I would like the viewers to see information as they click the buildings.


Just an idea.


NairB :)
Luis from Andorra  [1 posts] 10 years
Relate to the mainstreet webcam chat? I have to do to associate? It was very nice comment on connection. Thank you very much.

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