Modbus communication
11 years
Is there a built-in option  to run RR as a Windows service or any other way  to do it? Will it then be possible to run mulituple instances of RR services?

By the way, have you made any progress with the Modbus TCP communications interface discussed previously?
Anonymous 11 years

The easiest way is to add RR to your startup folder. We do have a todo item to create RoboRealm as a service but currently the interface is required as part of the program operation.

You should be able to run multiple instances of RoboRealm assuming that you have selected the Options->Startup->Allow multiple instances checkbox be checked. You can then run as many RR instances as you want ... but keep in mind that only one can connect to a single camera at once ... unless you use the virtual camera to split that stream.

The Modbus interface is making progress and we are currently reviewing if to add the serial part of it. The GUI interface is almost done as it will allow for variable mapping to any table/location. We'll let you know when its ready for testing.


Anonymous 11 years
Thanks for the feedback. I am waiting in suspense!
Anonymous 11 years
Modbus module just uploaded in the latest version. Please see for that addition and let us know if this serves your needs.

For now only TCP/IP slave mode is supported. If others need serial or master modes please make a note here and we'll see what we can do.


Willie from South Africa  [4 posts] 11 years
Steven, The modbus slave is working like a charm. I have briefly tested it from a Modicon Momentum PLC and everything worked OK. I will be doing some more detailed tests with differnet function codes and will keep you updated.

Thank you for a excellent extension! I still find it amazing that you are giving this kind of service on a free product.

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