roborealm conversion
Daniel from Australia  [1 posts]
14 years
Hello all,

I'm trying to program the SRV1 Blackfin camera, I see that you can use Roborealm to do it but does anyone know how to convert Roborealm code into SRV1 firmware code so it can be used autonomously.
Anonymous 14 years

The SRV1 has some vision code embedded in the processor that can be used for some vision applications but RoboRealm cannot run on the SRV-1 as the code base is completely different. Due to the lack of processing power you may also have some performance issues if you were to port some of the more complex RoboRealm routines to the blackfin. Unfortunately you will have to continue to run the SRV in conjunction with a PC in order to use RoboRealm with the SRV-1.


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