Wavefront algorithm
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I have been messing with a Vex robot with an on board laptop for a while now. i have leaned a lot but i am now messing with mapping stuff. my idea was to map the entire house. that's not going to happen. after a little experimenting i learned how complicated it was for the robot to know exactly where t was. after a little research however i discovered the Wavefront algorithm. it uses a matrix to make a map of one square location. this does look slightly easier to program however i don't know if it is possible in RoboRealm. is there a specific comand to make a matrix in RoboRealm vb script? even if i can make a matrix how do i make it automatically change certain variables inside the matrix. for more information about the algorithm check out this website:
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Actually you can implement this using the VBScript module. Matrices are just 2 dimensional arrays. For example:

ReDim matrix(100,100)

matrix(1,2) = 1
matrix(1,3) = 1
matrix(1,4) = 1

write matrix(1,3)

are essentially that.

The real issue with this algorithm is now the non-empty spaces versus empty spaces are detected using vision. In the url above a distance sensor is used. Are you planning to use carpet/non-carpet to detect the obstacles?

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i was hoping to use the wall finding Module but i dont know if that would be the right way to do it since it Only detects horizantle edges and i might need more than that. if there is a way to detect what is not carpate that would be great. the problam i ran into when i tried using the floor finder module to find what was not carpate was that i have a lot of wood and the carpate is a similer color. i also had trouble with the Camera quality.
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Both of those modules can form the basis of this kind of obstacle avoidance. Perhaps it would make it easier if you could post the images that caused you problems? There isn't a one module suits all solutions yet so taking it on a case by case basis is the easiest way to actually accomplish something and work through the exceptions. Additional effects like perspective and/or optical flow can be used to further refine some of these issues.


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