Blob characterisation
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For a blob, I would like to know the Y position at the middle of its height at a desired X location. Specifically, using geometric_stats module I can locate the MIN_X and MAX_X. From that, it calculates the X position of the middle of the blob. There I would like to know the middle Y position [min + ((max-min)/2)] at that X position.

Ideally I would like to know the mid height coordinates of blobs at their X centers.

Anonymous 16 year
Here is one way.

Start with an image.

Detect mid point using Geometric module. Use VBScript to calculate X center and create a line array that will draw a line right through the center.

and then mask this line with the original image to ensure that its height is
only in parts of the actual blob.

The height of the middle of the blob is now found once more using the geometric module.



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