Button Interface Bug
DUKEII from Belgium  [5 posts]
11 years
I've found small error in the button interface .
Variable Value only saved on START and STOP buttons , Pause and new buttons
are not saved .

kind regards

Anonymous 11 years
Hi DukeII,

You're probably running an older version of RoboRealm. That was indeed a bug but was fixed a while back. Can you confirm what version you are running?

The supplied robofile seems to work just fine for us. All test buttons are visible and active.

DUKEII from Belgium  [5 posts] 11 years
Hello STeven ,
When I open the ROBO sample attached in this topic with Notepad , first line gives

Tests with other PC give same result .

Kind regards
Anonymous 11 years

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like there was still an issue in the value saving. We think we've fixed the issue and have uploaded a fix. Please download to get that fix.

Thanks and let us know if you notice any other issues in that module.

DUKEII from Belgium  [5 posts] 11 years
STeven ,
I've done some tests on this module and it almost perfect .
The only thing I have is when the name of the original Start button is changed
sometimes it saved and somethimes not .(incl.variable and toggle settings)
With lot of experiments I didn't find what the reason is .
All the other buttons where properly saved .

Thanks for the quick response

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