Anonymous 11 years
I have been able to extract the license plate and match the Letters and numbers as in the attached image.

How can i save the answer in a file??
I tried using a Vbscript similar to the one used in the "Digital reader" Tutorial but it didn't seem to work. thank you
Anonymous 11 years
I solved the problem to get the variable saved into a file but the problem is that the Variable i get is like this "xGmx1m\9m9m6m9mx3m".

What are the other characters? how can i remove them? thank you
Anonymous 11 years
Not sure what the other characters are in you string... perhaps those are badly matched blobs? It is hard to say without the original image and the robo file that you are using.

I assume that you have tried the Write_Variable module and/or the example VBScript to open a file and save some text to it (see FAQ #5)? Perhaps either of those are working but the content of your variable is not correct.

Do you see the same errors in the variable's contents when you use the Watch module? Or are they just present when saved to a file?

I'd also double check your VBScript that creates this variable (assuming you've done this similar to the digital reader tutorial) that you are not adding in those characters by accident.

Anonymous 11 years
Yes I double checked th VBScript, I had an error with the variable that's all. thank you.

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