Tree Identification
16 year
trying to identify the tree in the middle of the picture, though getting interferance from background. Doesnt help that trees are dark green but it is what i have to work with. Any suggestions on how to go about this?
John Cabrer from United States  [13 posts] 16 year
"Trying to identify" is a little vague.  Do you need to detect the presence of the tree in the scene?  Do you need to distinguish between the automobiles and the tree?  Do you need to know the Width/Height/Center-line of the tree?
Anonymous 16 year
Sorry for the vagueness. Need to distinguish which one is a tree and which is a car. no detail about the object is required though helpful thanks
Anonymous 16 year
here is the robo file i created to isolate the trees, any thoughts on how to make it better, or how i would add to this to identify the cars?
Anonymous 16 year
I would recommend using flood fill and blob separate. There you will get a whole bunch of blobs which make up the image. Then, a blob filter should do the trick, by looking for blobs of specific aspect ratio. The cars seem to have an aspect ration of '1', while the tree is much taller than it is wide. You could use other distinguishing features, but this will get you close.

Anonymous 16 year
Nemanya is on the right track. Included below is such a filter that uses the blob_separate and blob_filter to isolate the tree. The reason we like the blob_filter better is that it will allow for bright trees to also be detected since the blob_filter is mainly interested in shape as apposed to color or intensity. Using the color threshold at the very beginning works with this image but requires that the tree be very dark. Any lighting shining on it would cause it to disappear after the first filter.

Also be sure to download the most recent version ( before trying this as we made some tweaks to the blob_filter to better support this task.



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