Roborealm in win2000. Things to watch out for?
Loren John Presley from United States  [17 posts]
14 years
My friend and I have decided to build a computer with some of the hardware and software he has stored, for our robot and run roborealm using windows 2000. I've never used win2000 OS before, so is there anything I need to watch out for when we're constructing the computer for the robot? Does roborealm crash often by any chance in wind 2000? Is it slower processing, usually?

I've only used roborealm in XP and Vista. But are there any noteable disadvantages (or advantages) to running it in win2000? Thanx!
Anonymous 14 years

Win2000 should work very well with RoboRealm. We frequently use that OS with RoboRealm and currently are not aware of any issues with regards to that OS. Note that we also support Win98 but due to DirectX compatibility that OS can be a little tricker to get working ... but win2000 should work fine!

Processing speed should be the same on win2000 and winXP (and win98) since most of the processing in RoboRealm is custom built and not OS dependent. The only area that is dependent is image capture.


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