Anonymous 11 years
  when i click VBSRIPT_PROGRAM, a messagebox appeas:
could not find registered scriptsite.dll,please place in the systeme32 folder.
how could i handle the problem
Anonymous 11 years
If you are using Vista you can right click on roborealm icon and click "run as administrator".
Anonymous 11 years
Also have a look at the FAQ if the above does not work.


Anonymous 11 years
    I did ad Faq16,but can't delete RoboRealm key entry, I found all working.robo file and delete them, but it doesn't work. I guess if I need registere the scriptsite.dll ,besides, i'm not familar with vbscript and not a  tutorial at hand, is it similar with Javascript, I have a Javascript book,is it useful for it, or where i can find some tutorial on vbscirpt.
Anonymous 11 years

Try doing the

regsvr32 scriptsite.dll

from within the RoboRealm folder and see if that works.

VBScript is very similar to VB ... there are thousands of tutorials on the web that teach you VBScript. Any .asp page on the web uses that language. See the results from google:


Anonymous 11 years
I regsvr32 scriptsite.dll, but it still doesn't work, but as I change RR to another disk,and  regsvr32 scriptsite.dll again, it works, now I can use the vbscript_module,thans so much

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