Problem adding Parallax Boe-Bot Mod.. Slow!!
Edgar from Mexico  [4 posts]
11 years
Hi people, I started with this software since a week ago and it seems to me very userfull.

I was going through the path planing tutorial (I have the boebot and the eb500 like the tutorial says)

RGB Filter
Fill Erode
Blob Filter
RGB Filter
set waypoints
path planning
[At this point everything works well.. Like the pic.]

But when I introduce the:
Parallax BoeBot Module

The RR runs very slow, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong... The boebot moves, but it just jerks it self..

Even, if I remove all the modules in the pipeline, and just the Parallax BoeBot Module is active, its slows the application.

if a disable this module, it restores again.

I tested for apart  the bluetooth conection with the MSRS C# example, it runs well.

Please, any help will be welcome.

Edgar from Mexico  [4 posts] 11 years
In the Parallax BoeBot Module Documentation says:

"The provided Boe-Bot module will allow you to quickly get RoboRealm and the Boe-Bot communicating. Note that as the communication between the PC and the Boe-Bot increases you will notice a decrease in processing frame rate. This reduction in frame rate is due to bluetooth wireless delays that are normal in most bluetooth devices. To keep the frame rate usable be sure to turn off any non-essential communications between the Boe-Bot and the PC. This is accomplished by un-checking the checkboxes next to the appropriate group"

What more can I do for decrease this bluetooth delay?
Anonymous 11 years

The above is not responsible for your slowdown ... it sounds like you have a communications issue. Perhaps your BoeBot is configured differently than what the module is built for. Can you post the C# code that shows the configuration for the COM port? It is most likely a DTR, DTS option that is not configured correctly.

Edgar from Mexico  [4 posts] 11 years
This code makes the connection:

public bool Connect(int serialPort, out string errorMessage)
            if (serialPort <= 0)
                errorMessage = "The Boe-Bot serial port is not configured!";
                return false;

            if (connected)

                string ComPort = "COM" + serialPort.ToString();
                _serialPort = new SerialPort(ComPort, 9600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);
                errorMessage = string.Empty;
                connected = true;
                return true;
            catch (Exception ex)
                errorMessage = string.Format("Error connecting Boe-Bot to COM{0}: {1}", serialPort, ex.Message);
                return false;

        public void Close()
            if (!connected)
            connected = false;

            if (running)
                running = false;

            if (_serialPort != null && _serialPort.IsOpen)
                _serialPort = null;


It's the dashboard that comes with MSRS.

By other hand, I'm trying to use the C# API, to get the values from RR and make a serial connection to control the BOe, Somebody has some examples for doing  a connection to eb500 without using MSRS??

Thanks in advance...

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