A good idea to implement
10 years
Hi STeven,

I just wanted to tell you a good idea that I just had about Roborealm and its usage.

I think it would be good idea to be able to generate a text document with all the details of a current .robo file (like, with path planning, which tick boxes are ticked, what the values are) rather than having to check what is behind each part of the program and writing it down. Then you could print it out and perhaps compare different iterations to see what is going on.

Surely this sounds like something that could be quite easy to implement in your next version also but would be very useful!

Best regards

Ian R
Anonymous 10 years

Thanks for the suggestion. Is the intent to understand the difference between one robofile and another?

Could you perhaps give us a quick example of what the printout would look like? Would it be drawing text from the individual modules?

Anonymous 10 years
Hi STeven,

Yeah, basically I know you already do things such as putting numbers next to modules like

Intensity 87 (indicating that 87 is the value inside this)

However, for more complex modules like for the SRV1b, all you are given is SRV1b and no inside information

I would therefore expect a textfile to look a bit like this:

SRV1b (wifi)
left_motor 0_255 ; indicating the variable name and the max and min values
right_motor 0_255
failsafe On
Port Number 10001

etc etc.

Yes, I suppose it would be good for comparing files, but also for producing documentation, tutorials and for fault - finding in a project.

For example, if you change a variable name in VBScript, it isn't intuative to tell what variables are made available anyway as some variables are hidden away behind different modules. As the extent to which roborealm provides functionality increases, keeping track of variables may become a bit of a headache, so it would be nice to just have a text document or whatever to have an overall view of everything the project entails, meaning also you don't have to have roborealm open to look at what a project is doing.

I hope this helps. It's just an idea.

Best wishes

Ian R
Anonymous 10 years
Hi again STeven,

I also just had another good idea.

What about being able to write a comment in the program telling someone else what the .robo file is supposed to do?

Anonymous 10 years
Good one ... we had the same thought! We'll add that in.


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