Obstacle Tracking
Panayiotis Mousarris from United Kingdom  [20 posts]
12 years
  Was testing with roborealm and two camera's and observed that tracking my obstacles could be done only at a short distance. Is there a way to improve the distance I can track my obstacles ? I haven't decided yet on my obstacles dimensions. They will be square shaped and probably coloured blue. Maybe having a specific size can help tracking at a longer distance ?
  Also, I will need to track more than one object at a single time on the same screen as the robot will pass through an obstacle course. Will roborealm still provide accurancy for their x and y coordinates ?
Panayiotis Mousarris from United Kingdom  [20 posts] 12 years
Any recommendations?
Anonymous 12 years
Yes, RoboRealm should be able to provide the size of each of the blobs (see geometric statistics module) and will report back the number of pixels each blob contains. If you know the actual size of the object you should be able to determine distance after some trial and error.

Are you attempting to use 3d correlation to determine distance or size? It was not clear from your post.

Panayiotis Mousarris from United Kingdom  [20 posts] 12 years
  Don't know what u mean by 3d coleration. I've managed to make myself a formula to estimate distance and it works good, although I am using the bounding box size. I can track an object and still estimates it's distance between 17 cm - 48 cm in front of camera.
  The next thing I need to do is being able to determine by the x coordinate, whether the object seen in front of the camera, is in the way of the robot so that it can go in a different direction. How I'm I supposed to to this? The x coordinate changes values according to the object's distance.

Thank you
Panayiotis Mousarris from United Kingdom  [20 posts] 12 years
  I 've found a set of x coords wherby i check if an obstacle is blocking the way the robot is moving towards to. These values work for some range of distance in front of camera and seems to be good till now.
  The main issue though, is that i will be making a more sophisticated version afterwards, whereby I will need to map the obstacles on an array representing the robot's map. In order to do this, i guess I will need to know the distance of the object on the x-axis as well. Please advise.

Thank you

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