Parallel Port Stepper Control
John Cabrer from United States  [13 posts]
16 year
It seems like I'm not seeing all the parallel port bits in the drop down list.

The board I'm using assigns the following:
Pin#2-Bit 0 to X Step Pulse
Pin#3-Bit1 to X Direction
Pin#4-Bit 2 to Y Step Pulse
Pin#5-Bit3 to Y Direction
Pin#6-Bit 4 to Z Step Pulse
Pin#7-Bit5 to Z Direction

The drop down list only shows bits 1 to 31 as selectable.  Is this a bug, or am I just confused?  I'm asking because I have not been able to get any of the motors to move using the examples I've found in the forums.

If anyone is interested, I'm making a device that will read the hole patterns in old player piano rolls, and convert them to MIDI.  Eventually, I would like to try and reproduce the rolls on new paper, but that is far more challenging I think.

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