Another mejtod of navigation
Billy from United States  [26 posts]
10 years
I've been looking into ways to navigate my Robot.. I came across something called NorthStar.. Very pricey.  However, I think something like it could be done with RR.  It uses a IR base to project 2 IR markers on the ceiling.  Then the sensor on the Robot detect those, reads the ID's of the dots and the orientation and then calculates which direction the robot is facing, and the distance to/from the dots. I think using IR, or maybe just colored Arrows taped to the ceiling a set distance apart, and a camera mounted and oriented to face the ceiling, RR could do the same thing. Anyone done anything like this? Could a module be written to do this kind of thing?

Thanks, Billy
Anonymous 10 years
Anonymous 10 years
Yes, you could. We're currently working on a tutorial that accomplishes something like this ... we'll post back here once it is launched.


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