Beginner's query
11 years

i am just starting out with RR.

I Have a few questions

1. what is the function of disable?

2. in Options, in the Other tab there's something called Startup Multiple Instances...What is it fot?
3. how can i increase my working space in RR?

I have been trying RR with images as well as videos. but i have notice dwhen using video that i cannot clear the previously used image in the backgroung....is this normal

i'll be really grateful if someone could help me out..

Anonymous 11 years

1. Disable will stop the execution of the selected module but keeps it in the processing pipeline. This is akin to deleting the module, seeing the results and then adding it back in. It is mainly used to understand what happens if a module is temporarily removed from the pipeline. This is handy when checking how much a module affects the pipeline such as how much it slows down the frames per second that are being processed.

2. Startup Multiple Instances allows you to run more than one instance of RoboRealm at a time. I.e. when you click on a .robo file (a roborealm program file saved to your desktop) the default action will be to load and run RoboRealm. If you then click on another RoboRealm the current RoboRealm application running will be updated with this new program file. If this checkbox is checked then ANOTHER RoboRealm application will instead be created to run the second .robo file. Think of File->New Window in your web browser ... that's basically doing the same thing.

3. You can increase your working space in RR by downloading the latest copy of RR and then dragging the splitter (the space inbetween the image and the program area) to the specified size. This is a new feature just released a couple days ago so your current version is unlikely to have that.

Yes, when using a video that image comes from an added module (Media Reader, etc) and it not a "native" image source such as a webcam or image file. Because it is not a native image source RR will keep the last loaded image or currently active webcam as the default "source" image. Thus when you remove or stop processing it will default back to that native source.

Good luck!
Anonymous 11 years

thx 4 ur help

RR is great

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